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Site Information & User Submission

By Canon Rumors | January 4, 2010

Where are the forums?
I had a love/hate with the forums. I think the forums could work on this site if done properly…. they weren’t.

I will bring the forums back when they can tie in better with WordPress, there needs to be some automation. Lots of people here want to discuss stuff and have some fun on forums.

I promise they’ll be back and 100 times better.

The downside? Everything currently on them will probably not be migrated over. I’ll do my best though.

ETA for the forums to come back? Sometime in the next 60 days.

Canon EOS 700D
It’s rare I get a good Photoshop job that I actually want to share on the site, but I liked this submission from Jan.

EOS 700D Concept by Jan | Click for larger

I love the scrollwheel!


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