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Adobe Camera RAW 7.1 Release Candidate Available

From Adobe
Adobe has released a new release candidate for Adobe Camera RAW. We’re up to version 7.1.

New Features & Lens Profiles
Camera Raw 7.1 adds new Defringe controls to help address chromatic aberration. Defringe is available as part of the Lens Correction panel. Camera Raw can also now read 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit HDR files. Supported HDR formats are TIFF and DNG.

  • Canon EF 35mm f/2
  • Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fish-Eye 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5

Download Camera RAW 7.1


Adobe Lightroom,Camera Raw & DNG Converter Get Updated

Adobe updates…
Adobe has updated both Camera Raw and Lightroom.

Some details include:
• Additional camera support for several new camera models including the Canon EOS 550D, Panasonic G2 and Sony A450
• Includes several corrections for issues introduced by previous Lightroom 2 releases

Launch Lightroom and run the update or visit the site directly to download.

Camera RAW was also updated and is available with Lightroom 2.7 below.


Adobe has also updated the DNG converter.


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