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G12 & SX30 Officially Official

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., September 14, 2010 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today announced the addition of the new PowerShot G12 and PowerShot SX30 IS Digital cameras with innovative features to help photo enthusiasts further develop their photographic capabilities. Once again setting the trend in the consumer digital camera market and solidifying its spot atop the PowerShot lineup, the PowerShot G12 will have High Definition (HD) video capture capabilities along with the HS (High Sensitivity) SYSTEM helping to produce outstanding quality in the toughest low-light conditions. The PowerShot SX30 IS Digital camera is the world’s first point-and-shoot model to feature a 35X-Wide Angle Optical Zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilization, making those long distance shots that much easier to capture and then share with friends and family.1 Consumers have grown accustomed to PowerShot cameras providing brilliant image quality while also offering the latest technological upgrades. The addition of these new cameras helps solidify Canon’s position as the leader in the digital camera marketplace.

PowerShot G12 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot G12

As the feature set of the PowerShot G-series has evolved, the one mainstay has been the camera’s ability to provide complete creative control to the photographer. Keeping with tradition, the PowerShot G12 offers a full range of shooting and recording modes with new, exciting features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) scene mode. Offering added flexibility to photographers, this scene mode allows for multiple shots to be combined into one image helping to capture the full magnitude of a scene that consists of very dark tones and bright highlights producing greater image details. With the use of a tripod, one push of the shutter button yields three sequential images with various exposures, and then combines them into a single optimized image. A feature such as this typically requires outside software, however, this process can be completed within the camera thus helping to eliminate one critical step in the creation and editing process. Another valuable addition to this new model is Canon’s Hybrid IS technology that compensates for angular and shift camera shake, helping to create a near perfect image.

The Canon PowerShot G12 has a large, bright 2.8-inch vari-angle LCD with 461,000 dots of resolution providing photographers with additional creative control whether holding the camera overhead or low to the ground. A new control dial has been added to the front of the camera as well for easy adjusting of camera settings similar to how users operate a Canon Digital SLR camera. Further adding to the overall appeal of the new Canon PowerShot G12 is a 5X-Optical Zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilization and its wide-angle capabilities starting at 28mm, which will help when trying to get a sweeping landscape into one image. When using compatible optional accessories such as Speedlite flashes, an underwater housing and a tele-converter lens the photographic possibilities for users of this new camera are almost endless.

The estimated selling price of the PowerShot G12 is $499.99 and will be available in early October.*

PowerShot SX30 IS Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SX30 IS

The Canon PowerShot SX30 IS Digital camera is the perfect companion for photo enthusiasts capturing memorable images or videos at sporting events or special occasions. The addition of the new super telephoto lens, which ranges from an ultra-wide 24mm to a maximum length of 840mm, will offer unrivaled results while opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for users along the photographic journey. Helping to make this journey that much easier is a new Zoom Framing Assist button to aid in the tracking and capturing of subjects from a great distance away while keeping the lens in focus. At extreme telephoto settings, holding a camera unsteady can cause the user to lose track of the subject and make it difficult to find the subject. The Zoom Framing Assist button allows the user to zoom out, find the subject and then zoom back in.

The PowerShot SX30 IS has a 14.1-Megapixel sensor, DIGIC 4 image processor and a large, 2.7-inch wide vari-angle LCD for easy viewing of images along with added flexibility when trying to compose overhead or low to the ground images. In addition, the PowerShot SX30 IS for the first time will use a Lithium ion rechargeable battery rather than the standard AA batteries found on previous models, making powering up the camera much easier.

The estimated selling price of the PowerShot SX30 IS is $429.99 and will be available in late September.*

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Canon PowerShot SX30 IS & G12 Show Up

Canon PowerShot SX30 IS

It has shown up on

  • Ultra wide lens (24mm) with a 35x zoom
  • Optical image stabilizer (4.5 Stop), USM, VCM
  • 14.1-megapixel CCD-matrix
  • LCD TVs 6,8 cm (2.7 “) with a variable angle, electronic viewfinder
  • Shoot movies in HD, HDMI support
  • Smart Auto
  • Manual modes, shooting in low light and video to the effect of “miniature”.
  • Help function for cropping with zoom (Zoom Framing Assist)
  • The system of continuous AF / AE
  • Wide range of accessories

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Canon PowerShot G12


  • HS System
  • 10-megapixel high-sensitivity CCD-matrix
  • Wide-angle lens of 28 mm with a 5x zoom lens, image stabilizer Hybrid (Hybrid IS)
  • LCD 7,0 cm (2,8 “) with a variable angle, electron level and optical viewfinder
  • The front control dial, full manual control and RAW format
  • Shoot movies in HD, HDMI support
  • Extended dynamic range.
  • Smart Auto
  • Multiformat shooting
  • Wide range of accessories.

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G12 Pricing Shows Up?

549 Euro?
The G12 pricing has shown up in a price list for the camera store BK Photo.

In case you missed it, CNET already leaked the spec list for the G12.


Thanks David



Canon PowerShot G12 Leaked By CNET

Canon G12 Leak from CNET Asia

We were wrong about the sensor in the G12, makes sense that it’s identical again to the S9x camera.

Canon PowerShot G12



EOS 60D Coming August 26 [CR3]

Where are the SLR’s?
The embargo on the 60D doesn’t end until August 26, 2010. So that’ll be next Thursday.

No word on what else will be announced with it.

Expect at least 2 lenses.

1Ds Mark IV
I’ve heard nothing about an announcement date for the camera, only that it’ll be around for Photokina.

Big White Lenses
A few people are saying all 4 of the big whites are being replaced. This may be true, but I still believe they’ll be updated in pairs.



UPDATE *FAKE* PowerShot G12 Picture?

The general consensus is that this is fake!



PowerShot Announcements

What’s coming?
I know the following cameras are coming for sure.

- The G12 will come with a CMOS sensor.
– Yes, HD video.

– Same as the G12 above with a smaller form factor.

- This will be the replacement of the SX20 & SX1 in a single camera.
– I hear it will come with a Lithium Ion battery (CR1 on this one)

- Replacement of the SX120

ELPH 10x Zoom
- A super compact 10x zoom camera



CMOS in PowerShot [CR1]

PowerShot News
Received some information today about new PowerShot cameras.

Backlit CMOS sensor
10mp again
HD Video
Minor ergonomic changes

Same as the G12, with some ergonomic changes.

New backlit CMOS sensor.
24x Zoom
Lithium Ion Battery
1080p HD
Weight reduction

D20 & D30
Two new Waterproof models.
One will have HD video.
Unknown sensor and zoom.

Do not expect any of these cameras before September I’m told.



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