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Go Duke… oh wait… March Madness One Day Sale!
From the folks at…… “Whoa! We’ve got way too much stuff up for sale. Tyler says he is tired of looking at all this equipment looking all sad on the shelf, and wants to see it all go to a new home. So today only, he is offering a special deal: Purchase any item before 4 PM CT today and put the code MADNESS10 in the special instructions box during checkout and we will take 10% off the purchase price after your order has been submitted.”

This offer is good for ANY item they currently have for sale.

View Their Entire Sale Inventory


5D3/X and Other Random News

5D3/X and Other Random News

5D Mark III / 5D X
There has been nothing new to report on the recent leaked DSLR from Canon. Keep your thoughts and opinions coming though.

Rebel T4i & 70D [CR1]
I have received little bits of info in regards to the replacement to the T3i and 60D, both will be “addressed” by the time Photokina rolls around (probably a lot sooner). Nothing in regards to specs or direction at this time. There’s a general opinion Canon will announce their mirrorless camera for Photokina in September.

Meanwhile [NL] is told that a new Rebel will be announced at CP+

Announcement date?
My [CR3] level source in regards to announcement dates has yet to see one for CP+. Although it has been confirmed that Nikon will announce that day. It may just be a Coolpix day for them though.

5D Mark II at the Oscars
A movie shot with the 5D Mark II has been nominated for an Oscar. So fear not, even if the new 5D Mark III makes it way to us soon, your 5D Mark II is still very capable.

Read more at Planet5D
I’m in the air right now leaving Memphis after spending 2 days at Roger, Aaron, Drew, Tyler, and the rest of the crew were great.

Check out as well as their used section of Canon gear. I know for certain you’ll be happy with any used purchase.


Article: All About Coatings

Article: All About Coatings

New Article: Reflections on reflections. Coatings: The Most Important Part of Your Lens
We are posting another article written by Roger Cicala at

Todays article touches on coatings. Their history, and their importance in optical design. As always, it’s pretty informative..

So How do Coatings Work?
It’s pretty simple to explain if you have a Ph. D. in optical physics and speak higher order mathematics. I don’t, so I’ll just have to explain it to you like it was explained to me (and I’ll put some references at the end of the article for those of you who want to double check the Trig and Calculus formulas). Basically, though, there are three types of coatings, each working in a different way. The first two types can be combined with each other to improve their effectiveness; the third type (nanocoating) is so effective it doesn’t need any help.

Read The Entire Article


More Black Friday Deals!

More Black Friday Deals! will begin their annual Black Friday used gear sale.

What’s the deal?
Receive an automatic 10% off at checkout.

Thursday, November 24, 2011 running from 6:00AM unti 11:59CST.

Visit Lens

Be early. If it was like last year, stuff will fly off the shelves.


The Next Deal is for Canadians

Lens Rentals Canada
Lens Rentals Canada will also have a Black Friday rental deal.

What’s the deal?
35% off any and all rentals 7 days and longer. Unlimited number of items, shipping is included. (Overnight shipping will not be discounted).

Thursday, November 24, 2011 running from 6:00AM until 11:59PM EST.

Visit Lens Rentals Canada 


  1. The discount will be processed once your rental has been approved.  No coupon code needed.
  2. You must mention “black friday” in the comments to get the discount.
  3. There will be no exceptions for the deal outside of the times listed above.
  4. The overnight shipping charge of $45 will not be discounted, only the item rented.
  5. 4 day rentals are not included in this promotion.


Black Friday at Adorama
Adorama has posted their Black Friday tag on their site. Expect updates tomorrow.

Visit Adorama “Black Friday Deals”

cr Black Friday Sale! Black Friday Sale!


“Just like last year, we’ll be running a special sale on Black Friday (and Thanksgiving Day) on our entire inventory of used equipment. Any purchase of a used item from 6:00 AM on Nov. 24 – 11:59 PM on November 25th (Central Time), and get an automatic 10% off at checkout. Remember, this sale is only good for used equipment, so our new, in-box, Leica and Zeiss items do not qualify. Keep in mind, our available sale inventory changes very rapidly, so what is available today might not be available still on the day of the sale.”

I receive no money from for posting this. They’re great folks and people love to gobble up their used gear on Black Friday.

Feel free to send me a 400 f/4 DO though.

Visit The Used Section



New Article – Lens Genealogy

New Article – Lens Genealogy

Lens Genealogy
Ever wondered how a lens is designed, where it comes from or why things are done the way they are? This new article from’s Roger Cicala may answer some of those questions.

It’s a great article and well worth the read, just have some time for it.

I knew that today’s lenses are all designed using computer programs, but I was surprised to find new lenses aren’t designed from scratch. Designers start with an existing lens design and modify it. Of course, a lens designer doesn’t say “this lens really sucks, let’s use it as our starting point”. They start with a good design and try to improve it.

Read the article | Visit

c HAS the 300 f/2.8L IS II in Stock HAS the 300 f/2.8L IS II in Stock
Our pals at has the new Canon 300 f/2.8L IS II in stock!

Check it out

As for us at Lens Rentals Canada, it’s on order.


Lets Play Chess

Lets Play Chess

I hear Canon won.
A couple of gents at got bored during their move to new digs and decided to play some chess!

Canon won the game with a Fischer like performance.

I know what you’re thinking. Can you rent this chess set? The answer is yes!

For $7654.75 you can rent this chess for a 4 days, this will include the damage insurance for when you knock your king over after a terrible loss.

What about buying it? Sure can! $151,202.17 you can buy the pieces necessary to do this at home. As mentions, buy now before the new Canon supertelephotos hit the market. The price will skyrocket. To entice you even more, they’ll throw in a free t-shirt!

Read More: Blog Post | Rental Post


News & Notes

News & Notes

Holga for Canon EF
The folks at HolgaDirect sent me a sample of the Holga for EF lens.

If you’re looking for a fun an inexpensive fun tool for your Canon camera, this could fit the bill. It’s optically terrible, but that’s the point. It’ll give your images and video a very unique look.

The focal length is 60mm, 120 medium format. It vignettes on full frame, however you’re supposed to crop a square photo anyway.

Shop Holga Direct


5D Mark III Rumor Roundup
There have been a lot of rumours about the 5D Mark III over the last few months. None of them I’d call a slam dunk, but there will be some truths build in there.

Mitch at Planet5D posted a roundup of all the rumor goodness.

Read the roundup Sales
Looking for a warrantied, but used Canon 7D or 1D Mark III? has a few available.

You can absolutely trust the grading given for the products.


Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

2 different people have written in saying there will be 3 separate announcements in 2011. One will be for PowerShot, the other for a DSLR(s) with 2011 availability and an announcement for a product that won’t be available until 2012.

A 5D Mark III will definitely get it’s own marketing push.

200-400 Availability
I get lots of questions as to when this lens will be announced.

It was only announced as an “in development” product, it hasn’t been officially announced as a consumer product. I predict we won’t see these in the wild until at least Q2 2012.

Error Correction
I worded my post about PowerShots incorrectly recently. There is in fact CMOS PowerShots, I was alluding to a CMOS sensor in the flagship PowerShots. Sorry about that.

New Article
I’ve posted another article written by Roger over at “How to test a lens”, it’s a fun read if you’re a geek like most of us.

A new profile will appear shortly as well. He’s a very interesting guy.

Calm before the storm
Things are slow to come in at the moment. Based on past experience, this is the calm before my inbox gets hammered with rumors.