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The Future of EOS HD [CR2]

By Canon Rumors | May 28, 2009

24p omission explained?
This source explains why there’s no 24p at the moment. I’m trusting the information is legit, I personally lack the technical knowledge of HD video in the 5D2.

“The 5D MarkII will have 24p, it is already in a firmware running in testing.  It was not released due to time but it was planned to be released with the manual control.  This is not as easy as some people tend to believe. The codec data rate has 6 frames of spare bandwidth and the file size was still the same as the 30p in the cam I tested. They have to re-code the compression routine in order to run at full speed and not waste file size. This has introduced some problems in stability because the chip can only handle 30p natively and this is basically a hack. No Audio control planned or in the firmware as of yet.

The 60D will have 720p, 1080p video modes. 30p is already in the firmware and the Mark II hack could be used in this camera easily. Much better CMOS than the 500D improved even from the 5D Mark II.

Nikon is adding most of the same features soon in their cameras, Canon just wanted to release and get the claim of being first.”


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