Most of you feel that rumor was a tad over the top. I tend to agree, perhaps a [CR1] was more appropriate. Thanks for the comments on it.

It's amazing that people will spend that much time writing up stuff like that. Kudos to them because it can add to the fun of it all. For the record… I didn't write it!


I received about 70 applications for contributing to the site. It was quite overwhelming going through them all. I didn't know what I was looking for until i found the folks. Thanks for the applications, the process is now closed.

Next up; I'm working out a web site issue too add some different content, and will introduce the new folks this coming week.

If I could ever get my hands on the 18-200 I could also have the 50D review done. I'm hoping for next weekend.

I finally got one. It was a hard and rather annoying choice between the iPhone and Blackberry. You can reach my iphone 24/7 at buzz[at]canonrumors[dot]com.


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  1. Yes, it is true that the 1Di “report” smells bad in several ways, but…. a reputable source, told me, around may 10th, that ..”a very fast Canon camera was in the works…

  2. As a 1D III owner and refusing anything without a 1 in it. I can’t wait for a 1.3 crop 16 to 21MP at 10FPS camera. Who REALLY needs more than 10FPS? I just need a MP bump.
    10MP is already obsolete…

    My wishes for the 1Dx
    4″ touch screen with touch-focus in LiveView.
    1.3 Crop. I hate the distortion in FF wide angle.
    63-area metering
    Bring back the real 45-point focus of the 1D Mark II N
    Laser Eye Focus would be nice too…

  3. This site would be much less of a frustrating waste of time stolen from us by attention seeking rumour writers, if everything classified as CR0,1 & 2 was scrapped entirely and never posted. I don’t really enjoy to read things that are obvious In Your Face fantasies and an insult to the reader who come here for information. It doesn’t make the site owner come off as very professional either and with each low quality rumour, I feel more reluctant to return for more.

  4. swede. This IS a rumor site. Valid or not, even unreal, rumors are just rumors. If u don’t
    Like it, u know what to do

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