1ds4mock - 1Ds Mark IV Specs [CR1]

New Specs
Received a new list of specs for an upcoming 1Ds Mark IV.

As with all CR1, big grain of salt.

1Ds Mark IV Specifications
Full HD video and backlit 29.6MP Digic V
Back lit CMOS sensor effectively doubles the sensitivity of sensor.
6666×4444 pixel sensor becomes the highest resolution 35mm sensor
Back lighting of the sensor improves peripheral performance with ultrawide lenses
Combining hybrid phase difference and contrast detect AF using the main image sensor
High speed phase difference AF and high accuracy contrast detect for high speed AF performance
Hybrid viewfinder. Normal SLR with mirror down or OLED EVF display during liveview mode
5.5FPS in normal mode
7.5MP Liveview mode @30fps
1080/30P and 720/60P
Same physical design


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