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2 Unknown Camera ID’s

From inside the 1D Mark IV 1.0.6 Firmware
52b2b6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K252 = 500d
52b2d6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K215 = 1ds 3
52b2f2 [GYO]CameraModleID = K169 = 1d m3
52b30e [GYO]CameraModleID = K176 = 450d
52b32a [GYO]CameraModleID = K190 = 40d
52b346 [GYO]CameraModleID = K218 = 5d m2
52b362 [GYO]CameraModleID = K250 = 7d
52b56e [GYO]CameraModleID = K270 = unknown!!!
52b58a [GYO]CameraModleID = K261 = 50d
52b5a6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K281 = 1d m4
52b5c2 [GYO]CameraModleID = K287 = unknown !!!
52b5de [GYO]CameraModleID = K254 = 1000d
52b5fa [GYO]CameraModleID = OTHER

Model ID’s are from

I’m literally pulled over other side of the road making this post. I haven’t had time to check this info out. Have at her.

Isn’t USB internet great? The iPad would have actually been handy right now. :)

thanks ARM


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  1. I quite agree. I’ve got a 400D that I’ve outgrown. I don’t need full frame. I don’t want video. I won’t really make use of. I want large, clean, bright images with a minimum of noise at a decent print size. I don’t want to have to spend more than £1000. Somewhere between the 500D, the 50D and the 7D is my camera. My money is ready, just gimme the camera!

  2. First I did not set a price.

    Second, I’m not going to buy a 1D4 or a 1Ds3 or it’s replacement do to body size and weight, note….I again did not set a price….so if Canon wants my money….they need to made a product I want to buy…again note I did not state a price…..price for me is not the question…..the question is Canon ever going to make a camera body for ME.

    Please note…..I am willing to trade MP for high ISO….I am willing to trade MP for FPS.

  3. Why are you so sure Canon won’t introduce it? What about the History? Canon had EOS 5, and EOS 1, and they’ve introduced EOS 3, that was reeelly close to EOS 1V

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