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2 Unknown Camera ID’s

From inside the 1D Mark IV 1.0.6 Firmware
52b2b6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K252 = 500d
52b2d6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K215 = 1ds 3
52b2f2 [GYO]CameraModleID = K169 = 1d m3
52b30e [GYO]CameraModleID = K176 = 450d
52b32a [GYO]CameraModleID = K190 = 40d
52b346 [GYO]CameraModleID = K218 = 5d m2
52b362 [GYO]CameraModleID = K250 = 7d
52b56e [GYO]CameraModleID = K270 = unknown!!!
52b58a [GYO]CameraModleID = K261 = 50d
52b5a6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K281 = 1d m4
52b5c2 [GYO]CameraModleID = K287 = unknown !!!
52b5de [GYO]CameraModleID = K254 = 1000d
52b5fa [GYO]CameraModleID = OTHER

Model ID’s are from

I’m literally pulled over other side of the road making this post. I haven’t had time to check this info out. Have at her.

Isn’t USB internet great? The iPad would have actually been handy right now. :)

thanks ARM


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  1. Why are you so sure Canon won’t introduce it? What about the History? Canon had EOS 5, and EOS 1, and they’ve introduced EOS 3, that was reeelly close to EOS-1V

  2. I never said you set the price.

    I meant to say that canon did not want to compete with D700 by offering pro autofocus and pro built at $2500 price bracket.

    In canon’s book, if you want pro autofocus and pro build, be ready to spend 5K, which is totally ridiculous. But hey its canon.

  3. Depends what you are considering pro autofocus.. BTW most people who want it wouldn’t even take advantage of a 45 point autofocus.

  4. Exactly..

    Specs are super speculation based on what? There isn’t even a previous version that you can base it on. It’s only what a few determine they must have to take good pictures.

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