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40D Done?

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Canon Canada

40d - 40D Done?

The 40D has been removed from a couple of Canon price lists, but not all.

Canon Canada is offered refurb 40D’s to dealers, this is usually a good sign a camera is done. They carry a 90 day warranty in Canada, so be careful if you buy one.

You should see refurb bodies appearing for $749 – $799 CAD or so.

It’s still not officially discontinued by Canon.


21 responses to “40D Done?”

  1. Wow, what a shame. A fantastic camera. Funny, I just had mine repaired under warrantee for a focus issue and it’s being discontinued already… incredible. I traded up from the 30D but would not trade it for the 50D for anything.

  2. My 40D will NOT be missed. That’s because I am keeping it and will keep using it until it stops taking fantastic photos. Long live my 40D!

  3. I love my 40d, and when I upgrade to FF, I will keep this one for walkaround/tourism and backup camera. Simply put the first professional digital SLR for under $1000,- in my opinion.

    Great colours, sharpness, MPX number exactly right, great noise performance, ergonomics, FPS, price… it just has it all!

  4. yep…bought a 50D….sold it a month later and bought a 5D…. I felt that after looking at the 50D files I saw the writing on the wall for APS-C…. not that its dead yet but the way its going a FF sensor will be able to handle more of this megapixel nonsense than a crop sensor (after all a 21mpx sensor has pixel about the size of those on the 20D)…

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