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40D Done?

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Canon Canada

40d - 40D Done?

The 40D has been removed from a couple of Canon price lists, but not all.

Canon Canada is offered refurb 40D’s to dealers, this is usually a good sign a camera is done. They carry a 90 day warranty in Canada, so be careful if you buy one.

You should see refurb bodies appearing for $749 – $799 CAD or so.

It’s still not officially discontinued by Canon.


21 responses to “40D Done?”

  1. “At some point this megapixel race nonsense has to end. […] I would rather have […] higher AD bit count.”

    Ah, the irony!

    I’m sure that you meant to write that you’d rather have higher dynamic range. We don’t need bit count “race nonsense” where one camera can only output a pixel value of “3.141” while a fancy new camera can output “3.14100000000000”.

  2. Good Riddance, mine is a piece of junk! I think the 10 MP looks grainy, I can’t imagine how they stuffed 16 MP into the 50D. I think they should have stopped at 8.

  3. I sold my 40D last August preparing to upgrade to the 5D MK II. I missed it so much that I bought another used one. I did buy the 5D II, but haven’t been using the 40D since. Still, when the snow goes away and my injured foot heals, I’ll be using both.

    I want a superior ultra wide angle for the 5D MK II and am still waiting for the best one, as well as being able to afford $2,000 or more.

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