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40D Done?

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Canon Canada

40d - 40D Done?

The 40D has been removed from a couple of Canon price lists, but not all.

Canon Canada is offered refurb 40D’s to dealers, this is usually a good sign a camera is done. They carry a 90 day warranty in Canada, so be careful if you buy one.

You should see refurb bodies appearing for $749 – $799 CAD or so.

It’s still not officially discontinued by Canon.


21 responses to “40D Done?”

  1. I ended up getting my 40D just a month ago, because I was worried about not being able to get a crop cam, with a reasonable mp count. Looks like I got it at just the right time.

  2. I’m going to buy one, so : if I wait, is the 50Ds’ price going down ? Same as the actual 40D price ?
    Or is the 50D price just stay the same, and the 60D price will be highter ?

  3. The cam realeasing is going faster. The 60D should appear at the end of the year. For a decent price, you’ll have to wait about 3 months minimum. At it’s end, I guess that the prices of the 50D like the 60D will same as the 40D is nowadays :)

    So at this point, you can wait years and years without buying any cameras because there always be something new, a new cam, new stuff, and you could say to yourself that you should wait a little bit, more and more :/

    I stopped on the 40D and I’m gonna get it this week :)

    Good luck to your choice mate ;)

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