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*UPDATE* 5D Mark II Firmware

This info apparently comes from the Super Meet event in San Francisco. Canon is a sponsor of the event.

This information isn’t official from Canon that I can find.

Not in February…
We’re told the 5D Mark II feature firmware update will not be available in February. Another thing not in line for the firmware is 720p mode.

Thanks Andrew


65 responses to “*UPDATE* 5D Mark II Firmware”

  1. “I´m tired of rumors! tired of uncertainties! i just want to have an official statement on when will the firmware be released and what will it include.”

    So true..

    “Although I am also waiting for the Firmware upgrade, some of the responses appear as though people think that Canon owes it to them. Please. “Everything is amazing and nobody’s happy””

    True also. But some people seem to feel that Canon owes them nothing. Is it so preposterous to want sound levels displayed? It just makes sense and is – as the lantern-guys showed – very easy to fix. Canon does not need to wait 6 months to do something about that. Really. No excuse. What happened to making sure your customers are happy? There is surely a middle ground. And right now, the total silence from Canon is weirding a lot of people out.

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