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*UPDATE* 5D Mark II Firmware

This info apparently comes from the Super Meet event in San Francisco. Canon is a sponsor of the event.

This information isn’t official from Canon that I can find.

Not in February…
We’re told the 5D Mark II feature firmware update will not be available in February. Another thing not in line for the firmware is 720p mode.

Thanks Andrew


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  1. Anything that’s approached official has always said “first half.” If they reasonably expected first quarter, they’d have said first quarter. If it happens to get done before the end of June, I’m sure we’ll see it when it’s done (no reason not to release it as soon as it passes QA). But everything that’s said Jan/Feb/other “early 2010” dates has been rumor and conjecture.

  2. I realize this is rumor, but Canon has not said anything about the firmware since the last announcement of a release in the first half. I mean. It´s not really credible that it would take 9 months to develop a small file like a firmware update. This smells.. Then Philip Bloom says he heard the mode is not really working very well. Means I´m gonna stop waiting and will be jumping on the 7D train after all. Yay. More money for lenses :)

  3. Looking at 3rd party work flow draft, I think adding 24fps needs a complete rework of the structures, far more complex than I will anticipate.

  4. come on….technically it is perfectly possible!
    and if the jello effects gets stronger…so what…let it be a gimmick…but to some this gimmick will be nice.

    so please canon…720/60….please!!!

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