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Everyone is saying the firmware has fixed the issues. I've only had one person comment that the banding issue has also been fixed. The sRaws have to be processed in DPP, so that was the reason for the update to that.

I still have one source saying added features could still be on the table in the next 30-60 days. Don't hold us to that.

Jessops in Belfast
I finally got the film I wanted for my needs at Jessops in Belfast. Very nice people there. If anyone from the store reads this site, make a comment and I'll drop a CR T-Shirt off at the store tomorrow. I leave Belfast on Sunday.


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  1. Simon: did you mean that aiming the 5D MK II with manual lens (for instance a Nikon mounted with an adapter)to the sun, the camera did set the shutter to 1/8000 (8,000) in video mode ??

    I didn’t see anyone reporting such a high shutter speed on video mode!

    – Did anyone get any notice about any firmware Hack to allow full (or almost full) manual settings in video mode?

    – Would Canon do it available? since it is clear to me that the camera CAN provide Manual Settings in Video mode…

  2. Pablov: That’s right. If you press * during video recording, it will show (and allow updating) of the current shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. I successfully shot video of very bright sun reflection from water that was definitely faster shutter than the usual 1/300!

    Try it — just untwist your auto lens slightly (don’t forget about it!), and record a video with the lens wide open.

    I can sort of see why Camon did what they did — motion blur makes a more natural video, focus doesn’t matter anywhere near as much (which is helpful unless you are very good), and at 1/3rd the resolution the diffraction limit is probably past f/32.

    I’d love to see a 1:1 (cropped 1080p) video mode, too — may as well use the resolution that is there. It’s definitely possible since live view 10x focus mode does it.

  3. Simon:

    Thanks a lot for your answer. I’m new to this site. I still don’t own a 5D MK II, but seriously considering buying it.

    I currently own Nikon gear, but due to some service missings and extremelly high costs in the country I live in, I might switch to Canon.

    PLEASE let me know why do you need to slightly untwist your “auto” lens?

    I’m planning to buy Canon L lenses, but I also own some Nikon AF (non G type, thus they have aperture ring, and I plan to buy an adapter to use them on Canon, specially for video mode) But OBVIOUSLY I would really like to use the Canon L lenses for Video… (so any detail about it is more than welcome :) )

  4. Hi, Pablov!

    Canon lenses (unlike Nikon G lenses) sit with their aperture fully open when not connected to a body. So, by not fully turning the lens on the mount, the electrical connection is broken and the camera cannot control the aperture, leaving it fully open.

    Since most people are asking for manual control in order to open up their lens and get a narrow depth of field, this is one cheap hack way to accomplish it. It’s also dangerous, since your lens can fall off (!), but that certainly makes it more exciting.

    As for L lenses — the big aperture lenses are great for shooting at night. Other than that, you could get by with really cheap lenses for _most_ things, since you’re not shooting anywhere near the full sensor resolution for 1080p. You’d have to worry about other things such as flare and barrel distortion, however.

    I purchased the “pro” Nikon->EOS adapter from, and the tiny adapter did seem to work well except for the G lenses needing some sort of modification to push on the aperture lever. Your non-G ones would be fine, but no AF. I am still surprised nobody has made a microcontroller circuit to do this yet.

    Cheers :)

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