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Canon GX [CR1]

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The “G”MOS
Received this email thisi morning, talking about the flagship “G” series from Canon using a CMOS sensor. This is [CR1.5] and a rumors site. :)

mp: 10.1 CMOS Sensor (Larger, no exact measurement)
Lens: 3.5x Zoom (28-100) L Badged
ISO: 50-6400
FPS: 2.5
Feature: 720p HD Movie Mode
Price: $799 USD

How can they charge more for a P&S than an SLR? Because the person that wants this camera will pay for it!

I think this is more of a dream camera than a reality camera. It’d be nice though. Please take note of the [CR1] rating for this one.


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  1. From the Pro1 review 2004 (linked above)

    “however with the advent of the eight megapixel sensor we’re down to much smaller photosites and thus higher noise levels, and it shows.”

    Deja vu anyone? and that was a 2/3″ sensor too

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