Last week Canon Japan teased some kind of device for an announcement on May 11, 2023.

Canon has used the PowerShot name for a few unique products over the last few years. We have seen things like the PowerShot ZOOM, which I wish had better image quality, because the idea was decent enough. We have also seen the PowerShot PICK, an inexpensive PTZ camera.

Looking at the teaser, our guess is some kind of new PTZ camera, but maybe it's something new altogether?

Canon PowerShot V0

  • Color: Black or Silver
  • Price: $429 USD

It's nice to see Canon attempting to keep the PowerShot name alive.

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  1. Powershot line now seems to have restricted to wierd cameras instead of digital compact cameras in past.
    The PowerShot Zoom monocular camera isn’t wired or wierd, but it is weird/odd. :p
  2. The PowerShot Zoom monocular camera isn’t wired or wierd, but it is weird/odd. :p
    There is also PTZ camera under powershot branding, and it has been a while since Canon announced a "normal" compact under powershot brandig.
  3. We need G series please!!!
    Am waiting for G3X II since 2015. I sold it in 2018,
    What's going on with Canon, Chip supply or sensor, or what's the problem?
    So does G1X IV?
  4. Smart phones?
    It doesn't matter. Smartphone cameras have poor lenses, and size can't be too big,
    G3X and G1X series have improved space for the lens and image sensor, AI focusing tracking.
    So zoom lens with the algorithm and unlimited video shooting is the win key compared to smartphones!!!

    Market demand is there; Idk why Canon postponed their step, Sony not selling a new 1-inch sensor to Canon?

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