Canon has plans to expand the reinvented “PowerShot” brand with more specialized and compact video cameras.

Recently at the Photo Next Show. Canon showed off PowerShot 180°, 360° and VR gear that will likely appear in the future. Canon themselves have said that they want to be at the forefront of VR,

There are no specifications for these products, but we think they're all going to be “affordable” and in the same mould as the PowerShot V10.

We are looking forward to seeing where Canon brings the re-invented PowerShot brand.

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  1. Honestly, Canon needs to do the very Japanese thing and reach out to Apple. I\'m not saying that they should co-design a device, but they should 100% develop a VR/AR camera that works with Apple\'s workflow. It would be very niche, but it would jump the pipeline into making content for the next generation of content creators. I\'m already working on AR/VR content using my phone, and I wish I could get stereoscopic images WITH LiDAR data from a bigger sensor like a Powershot or EOS R5.

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