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Canon GX [CR1]

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The “G”MOS
Received this email thisi morning, talking about the flagship “G” series from Canon using a CMOS sensor. This is [CR1.5] and a rumors site. :)

mp: 10.1 CMOS Sensor (Larger, no exact measurement)
Lens: 3.5x Zoom (28-100) L Badged
ISO: 50-6400
FPS: 2.5
Feature: 720p HD Movie Mode
Price: $799 USD

How can they charge more for a P&S than an SLR? Because the person that wants this camera will pay for it!

I think this is more of a dream camera than a reality camera. It’d be nice though. Please take note of the [CR1] rating for this one.


11 responses to “Canon GX [CR1]”

  1. If it had an APS-C sized sensor (or something close to that), I’d get it in a heartbeat, but an APS-C sized sensor with that much zoom would be a big camera, so a large sensor + lots of zoom is unlikely. Then add in L-glass means this is not real.

    They could, I suppose, do a 1/1.7″ CMOS with L-branded glass (the same way Panasonic has Leica lenses — i.e. mostly marketing) and the rest would work, but I’m not real sure what that would offer over the G10, so what’s the point.

    File under: unreal (as in not real, not as in cool)

  2. As was said before, Canon has made a point and shoot with an L branded lens, the discontinued and not-really-replaced PowerShot Pro1. It incorporated UD and fluorite elements and USM motors (and a red ring).

  3. You don’t necessarily need an APS-C sensor. I guess the competition would be the Micro Four Thirds cameras, so you need to match those, not the APS-C. I would really be interested in a GX CMOS. I did not buy the G10 because I don’t need so many noisy pixels, but I would love a CMOS/10MP/HDVDO/good lense P&S camera with an underwater housing. Even at USD700 if the IQ is good. Check the prices for DSLR U/W housings and you’ll see why

  4. I really wanted to love the G10, but the LX3 but the LX3 will get my money if I buy soon.

    This rumor is spec with the right stuff. Assuming the lens would be fast like the LX3… 3X zoom is good enough…

    I do want a larger sensor, APS-C would be awesome and I would pay heavily for it and I really think many pros would as well. The the ISO 6400 sould be awesome. I do not think the $799 is weird considering where it wuld be targeted.

    I want a canon DP2 killer (if ever released and the DP1 with an f4 is sad…)

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