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5D Mark II Preorder Pricing – CANADA

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You should be ok
I’m told by a couple of readers that Henry’s is saying there will probably be a price increase on the 5D2. However, current preorders should be safe from the price increase.

I’ll keep inquiring about this.


19 responses to “5D Mark II Preorder Pricing – CANADA”

  1. the dealer doesn’t get that loyalty from canon, you’re pointing the blame in the wrong direction.

  2. Henry’s has awesome customer support. Preorders are so long that I won’t receive my 5DmkII until, probably, after Christmas : (

    Unless Canon bumps up production.

  3. I pre-ordered min from

    I received today (6th) a new invoice with a 300$ price increase.

    Its too bad from them, i was about to order 3K+ worth of lense to go with it. I’ll move my buisness somewhere else.

  4. Jeff: Don’t feel offended about Vistec’s response, they are good people – and I work for one of their competitive stores.

    Everyone is caught in the crunch of world economics, AND IT WILL EXPAND INTO MORE AREAS THAN THE DIGITAL WORLD


    This is not about local retail competition, or Canon trying to make an extra buck or three –

    President elect Obama said it best ” We are in difficult “economic times”

    To think THAT A WORLD ECONOMIC CRISIS does not impact Canadians, – is to show how ignorant we are.

  5. it takes them one year to adjust the prices to reflect the currencies increase in value and one week to adjust for the declin which by the way the Canadian dollar went up 4.5 cents in one day. The most one day increase in history. Now canon and retailers are jumping on the global crisis band wagon which makes no sense since they are not a bank and this crisis has effected mostly US and rest of world so why is the Canadian buyer getting shafted. That’s because canon wants to ruin the customers experience rip off their consumers and lose much more in lense sales. I cancelled my preorder since u was told I won’t get the camera until late December I’d next year. So why pay the premium!!

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