DPR Posted their review5d mark ii1 - 5D Mark II Review - DPR

As expected, a lot of praise for the 5D Mark II.


Do people still like DPR reviews? Let me know with some constructive criticism or praise.

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  1. I like DPR but for beginners like my wife, she finds the reviews at asia.cnet.com easier to digest. They tend to simplify terms and sprinkle examples to go along with it. Their reviews may not be in depth, but at least the reviewer knows what he is writing about. Read on his blog that he used to be a photographer and is taking some time off now.

  2. Again, it all depends on what your priorities are. As far as resolution goes, no compact in the market can touch the G10, and for that, you need the whole 15 MB it offers. As for the noise figures of the Pan LX3 (a great camera in itself) at ISO 800, its superiority over the G10 is, at best, subjective. And that is the ONLY reason why the G10 did not get a highly recommended rating. At 100 ISO, Luminous Landscape went as far as comparing the G10 to a medium format state-of-the-art US$40,000 camera. And you do not get a Highly Recommended rating? So you might say, what about the photographers who want to shoot at High ISO? And I say, what the photographers who need the resolution at low ISO? In everything photographic, there is a compromise, from lenses to bodies. The best at something should be recognized as such.

  3. I don’t think it is useful at all. All they talk about is gear and engineering. Where is the actual photography? The forums are full of measurebators who complain about black dots on their highlights at max magnification rather than if anybody gives a shit about the pictures they take.

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