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5D Mark II Review – DPR

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DPR Posted their review5d mark ii1 - 5D Mark II Review - DPR

As expected, a lot of praise for the 5D Mark II.

Do people still like DPR reviews? Let me know with some constructive criticism or praise.

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23 responses to “5D Mark II Review – DPR”

  1. DPreview for me is the best in-depth review material for digital cameras. No other source goes so far in comparing and testing image quality. Some of the stuff is just to detailed but hey you don’t have to read it all. And DPreview also should not be your sole source.

    Of course they get previews and pre-info under non-disclosure. That’s what all brands do with press and opinionleaders. Since this is the web-age press doesn’t mean only hardcopy anymore.

  2. The 5D markII review was very weak, did not make a mention of the problems it has encountered so far. Although it’s not meant to be a 1-series camera, we need more gutsier reviews which are willing to bare out all the cons (e.g. black dots, crappy AF performance) as well as the pros of the cameras. We also need the reviews to deliver the results in a more relevant format, leave all the graphs to the scientists, just show us more image examples to illustrate cameras/lenses performances

  3. Amazon did buy DPR, and this allowed additional staff and reviews of lenses. However, I have not seen any change in the tone of the reviews since they were acquired by Amazon, except that they seem to be more complete. As to the 1D III, Canon tried to punish them for a poor rating on one of their cameras by witholding samples and information. They did not review the camera as a result.

    Now, with Amazon Backing, Canon, Nikon, or anyone else stands to lose too much to play those games, and the manufacturers are lining up to get reviews and the exposure it brings by being on Amazon. Amazon benefits by more traffic to their site due to accurate information about the products instead of user reviews by clueless people.

    When they gave a merely “recommended” review to the Canon G10, there was lots of howling, but they merely let the test data tell the story, which is what we want.

    Actually, I really don’t care what their final set of numbers says, I read each test, how it was done, and decide what that means to the way I use a camera. After all, it can be fantastic for Wedding Photos but too slow for sports, or have low light sensitivity if I value that. Few cameras can do it all, at least for a low price.

  4. I like DPR but I use it in conjunction with other reviews. The other one I rely for interesting perspective and inputs is where there are loads of lens reviews. He also has accessories and 3rd party canon-mount lens reviews.

    I also go to and for the comments/reviews by owners.

    And finally I ask the good folks at Henrys when I go to purchase. I usually have my preference but I’ll ask them for opinions on it and the other top 2 choices I had.


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