From Adam
You can read Adam's thoughts on the camera here. It's a good read.


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  1. Hello,

    yes really good review! But I have 2 things to ad… EV on mark II. suppose to be much wider on paper at least • AF working range: -0.5 – 18 EV (at 23°C, ISO 100)source , so measuring real EV in practical use is very important thing to be determined. I hope it is more than 10EV which is same like Fuji Velvia and that is not very wide range. Pixels and Dynamic range were 2 things evolving since the beginning of the DSLRs which made biggest difference and progress. My mark II. produced great landscape photos but I still didn’t meter EV range. Second thing I have noticed and it is not in the review is that ISO 50 is absolutely stunning, much better than 100 which wasn’t the case on mark 1. Interesting how many people would shoot auto ISO and set up time and aperture and use ISO to compensate exposure – it is almost like point and shoot :) but for photojournalist and some sport photographers it is good feature on camera body, I don’t miss it on mark II personally.

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