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This is a solid review of the 7D. There's a lot of bird photography going on here.

Final Words (From GSMArena)
“There was a lot of commotion in the enthusiast community about the Canon 7D pixel-crammed sensor. The 15 megapixel EOS 50D was not among the Canon’s most successful products and the new 18 megapixel camera made photographers fear the worse – excessive noise without noticeable increase in resolved resolution.

The real-life results however are far from that and they are actually quite promising. The noise is well contained and has a more tolerable film-grain-like look – that’s way better than what most people expected from the most pixel-dense APS-C sensor on the market.

The high-megapixel sensor however turned quite taxing on the current lens designs and as far as resolved detail is concerned, you won’t be able to make full use of those 18 megapixels unless you have one of the handful lenses that can put up with the increased demand.

On the other hand, the excellent design, ergonomics, unmatched video recording, and lots of innovative features make the Canon EOS 7D a ground-breaking camera not only within the Canon portfolio but for the market in general.”

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  1. Uh, no. That’s a common misperception. What we can say is that it took Canon 2 yrs. to realize they need to compete on the higher-pricepoint, pro-crop level like the D300. The xxD line was never meant to compete with that for the simple reason that it cost ~$500 less. Now we get the true D300s-level competitor, and the price, naturally, is higher by ~$500.

  2. “that’s way better than what most people expected from the most pixel-dense APS-C sensor on the market.”

    I’m tired of reading 7D reviews including comments like that.

    I’m tired of caveats and I wish that reviewers would just stop it and just give an honest, no excuses, no caveats, no ifs or buts review.

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