A new Canon camera is currently in the testing phase, we're unsure if it has made its way in the hands of any of the Explorers of Light photographers. Apparently. it's like nothing seen previously from Canon. This information came from someone who saw one of the test cameras. There are no specifications or mention of whether or not it's a video or stills camera, but we did get some interesting descriptions about the appearance of the camera.

  • The camera looks “substantially dissimilar” from any other Canon camera body
  • A large DSLR-like hand-grip and is deeper/thicker than any of the existing mirrorless bodies, but doesn't look like a DSLR at all.
  • A “modern looking” square LCD top screen, with options to display different screens and menus.
  • Announcement date internally is scheduled for September, 2018.

The only thing that comes to mind for us is this patent of an XC15 shaped camera with an EF mount. While the image from the patent doesn't show a top LCD, and the patent itself is for one handed removal of a lens and not about the mount or the camera it does have a large DSLR grip and is thicker than any other mirrorless.

This could be a new take on the XC15, or something else. Though if it resembled the XC15 in any way, I would have expected that to have been mentioned by the source. Perhaps the body was seen without a lens attached. We'll have to wait and see if we get more information.

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