adobecs5 - Adobe CS5 Coming April 12, 2010

Adobe is inviting the planet to an online launch of Adobe Creative Suite 5.

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Beta 2 of Lightroom 3 is available for download.

Download Lightroom CS3 b2:


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  1. It’s not being released for purchase on April 12th, it’s just being showed off…

    Though new addons are the Content-Aware, resizing a picture without distorting the aspect (ie. decrease horizontally but not vertically and no distortion). Most of this stuff can be found on

  2. Seriously, as far as I’m concerned the 3 most interesting things I’ve seen in LR3 Beta 2 is the noise reduction, new demosaicing and proper tethering support for many commonly used camera’s.

    If you haven’t tried the new noise reduction in LR3 beta 2, seriously… download it… and put one of your images of iso 3200 or higher through it and see how much better it is then in previous versions. I’d say it even competes with a lot of the dedicated noise reduction software and in some cases beats it.

    I’m really happy with what I’ve seen from the new raw engine so far and can’t wait to see that translated into ps.

  3. This is for money makers,tomorrow they have Road Show here in Bangalore in a 5 Star Hotel.I have booked my seat let me go to see how it looks like.The whole lot of Abode will be here to show interesting.

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