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*Updated* An Update on the Canon Rumors Updates

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We’re still working out a bug with the new site theme, we hope to have it sorted out some time tomorrow and then site will gain its intended functionality. Thank-you for your patience.

Our technical team worked overnight to get the forum switched over to the new software, but we’re still working on getting the blog portion of the site going. We will be actively debugging things today, so things will not work as they should for the time being.

The forum is active, but the blog and the forum are not speaking to each other at this time, so direct links from the blog “comments” button to the corresponding forum thread will not be working at this time.

Please refrain from contacting us with bugs or issues, we know what’s going on for the most part. When we do think we’ve got things figured out, we’ll ask for feedback at that time.

I thank you for your patience during the switchover.

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