Where is the stuff?!
We've reported before that July 13, 2010 could be an announcement date for some Canon photographic products.


If you go there and check out August 25, you'll see a “Special Epic Event”. It mentions an announcement for July 13, 2010.

Could they just be announcing a workshop and nothing more? Possible, I was burned by that once before.

However, this is the 3rd clue as to July 13 being an announcement day.

60D Specs
I receive a new spec list almost hourly, oh what to believe.

If I go with the people that have been right in the past (not always), then this is what we have.

  • 18mp
  • New 9AF point system.
  • 5 Crosstype Sensors, all f/5.6 except for the f/2.8 Center
  • Articulating Screen
  • 6fps (A drop of .3)
  • Full HD Recording Mode
  • Wireless Flash Transmitter
  • New Battery & Grip
  • 98% VF
  • Weather Seals like the 50D
  • Still back and forth on the formfactor.
  • I still remember being told once about a new exciting feature never seen in an EOS camera before.

I do not expect a 1Ds Mark IV to be announced at this time. I'm receiving no news about such a camera.

There could be a few PowerShots announced with the 60D, but not the G12 or SX30 (if that's what they're called).


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  1. Thats too bad about the announcement… but that workshop sounds like it is worth checking out. (for me at least)

  2. Hmmm not happy that they are changing the batteries and the grip. By all means increase the battery performance, but I dont want to have to throw out my batteries etc for a body upgrade. I may well wait…

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