Canon recently opened its new technology and support center in Burbank, California. Select media outlets were invited to take a peak and DPReview was one of them.

From DPReview:

According to Elliot Peck, Canon Imaging and Technologies' Executive Vice President, the project to build this new center started about a year ago when Canon realized that it was effectively out of space at its old Hollywood location. Canon designed a completely new facility from the ground up and took the opportunity to move to Burbank, at the heart of the filmmaking industry.

Part of the service facility is the lens room, where technicians can test and verify lens performance after repair. The room might be better described as a very wide hallway, stretching about 65 ft. (20m) in length. The extra distance allows technicians to mount lenses up to 600mm on a master body to check for optical alignment and resolution, meaning that all but a couple very specialized Canon lenses can be tested here. Take the full tour at DPReview

I've visited Canon's Hollywood support center and came away impressed, but this new facility looks even better.

Photo Credit // DPReview

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