Photo Contest
Some CR facebook readers probably read about a Christmas photo contest I had planned. That's been delayed until I can actually buy what I wanted to give away. Thanks Canon. I'll have something up near the end of January.

70-300 f/4-5.6L IS
I haven't received one yet, but I hope to have one before I head to Kenya. I'd like to do a review with it there.

A G12 and 60D review will also be completed sometime around Christmas. Like the Leica M9 review, they're going to be real world photograph making reviews and nothing overly technical.

Year end awards and 2011 predictions!
I'll be in the air for 16 or so hours on the way to Nairobi, I'll be doing my year end awards and 2011 predictions! I love writing them and reading the reactions.

It's coming up
The “black Friday” shopping day in the United States is something I have never experienced. I probably never will either since I'm allergic to malls. There could be some online deals though!

B&H Photo is gearing up for Black Friday and holiday deals in general. Visit B&H Photo

Adorama also has their crazy and zany deals. Visit Adorama


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