DxO Labs, the pioneer of RAW image processing, today announces that it will offer up to 50% off purchases and upgrades across its entire range of photo editing applications.


DxO PhotoLab 7: Huge savings on the world’s most powerful RAW photo editor

DxO’s flagship software, PhotoLab 7, is the most advanced, end-to-end RAW photo editor. Featuring the most sophisticated color management tools on the market today. DxO PhotoLab includes unique features such as DxO Optics Modules that enable unparalleled lens corrections, and DxO DeepPRIME, the groundbreaking RAW denoising and demosaicing engine powered by deep learning.

DxO PureRAW 3: Get a big discount on the software that delivers extra performance from cameras and lenses

DxO PureRAW 3 is a unique RAW enhancement software that supercharges photographers’ cameras and lenses. Harnesses DxO’s market-leading approaches to optical corrections, sensor noise reduction, and demosaicing in one package. When used as part of a photographer’s Lightroom workflow, or as a standalone application, PureRaw 3 features powerful DeepPRIME XD technology for fine detail and accurate colors in high-ISO, low- light images, as well as extra controls to manage Lightroom Collections.

Nik Collection 6: The legendary suite of plugins for only $99

Nik Collection 6 is the latest version of the world’s favorite photo-editing plugin suite. Eight individual plugins that integrate seamlessly into Lightroom Classic and Photoshop or can be used as standalone apps. These tools bring countless creative and technical possibilities to a photographer’s workflow. Nik 6 also contains a huge range of presets that can deliver professional-looking results in seconds,

DxO FilmPack 7: Save on magical vintage film effects

DxO FilmPack 7 allows photographers to bring back the timeless look of film. Photographers have a library of authentic film effects based on original emulsion stocks and print samples. Other popular renderings include color and monochrome effects, grain, light leaks, and more. Users can also explore photographic history through FilmPack’s Time Machine mode, which lets photographers browse and select a film stock from a timeline of landmark photographic moments.

DxO ViewPoint 4: The ultimate geometric correction tool for half the price

DxO ViewPoint gives photographers ultimate control over perspective and geometry, allowing them to correct framing imperfections, optical flaws, and rebalance subjects for optimal image quality. It can be used as a plugin for Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, DxO PhotoLab, or as standalone software. Using DxO’s unique

Optics Modules, ViewPoint’s powerful tools can address all sorts of visual defects, including distortion from wide-angle lenses.

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  1. Main updates from PL6 are around color management (calibrated workflow, LUT support). Not much of interest to me, personally.

    However, for those planning to buy a new camera in the next 10 months, now may be a good time to buy.

    Since I will likely get the R1, I’ll likely upgrade to PL7 at the discounted price.
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  2. Also, the Black Friday pricing is not yet live. Since the CR main page post on this topic seems to be AWOL, I will post this from another site:

    Black Friday Discounts for 2023 – Up To 50%.

    The DxO Black Friday deals for 2023 go live at 3:00 am EST on November 20th. The deals end on November 27th at 12:00 Am PST.
    • DxO PhotoLab 7 -Regular $229 Black Friday Price $169 (includes DXO Prime XD)
    • DxO PhotoLab 7 -Owner Upgrade from V 5 & 6 Regular $109 Black Friday Price $89
    • DxO PureRAW 3 – Regular $149 Black Friday price $89
    • DxO PureRAW 3 – Owner Upgrade from V 1 & 2 Regular $79 Black Friday Price $65
    • DxO Nik Collection 6 – Regular $149 Black Friday price $99
    • DxO Nik Collection 6 – Owner Upgrade from V 4 & 5 Regular $79 Black Friday Price $65
    • DxO Filmpack Collection 7 – Regular $139 Black Friday price $89
    • DxO Filmpack Collection 7 – Owner Upgrade from V 5 & 6 Regular $79 Black Friday Price $59
    • DxO Viewpoint 4 Software – Regular $99 Black Friday price $49
    • DxO Viewpoint 4 Software – Owner Upgrade from V 2 & 3 Regular $59 Black Friday Price $39
    Looks like the 'up to 50% off' means less than 50% off in most cases. Only the Viewpoint 4 bought new gets that discount. Upgrading from PL6 to PL7 is only an 18% savings.

    On the site there's currently an additional discount of $39 for upgrading both PL and Nik, we'll see if they keep that once the Black Friday discount starts.
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