2011 129785 fig01 - Canon 3 Layer Sensor (Foveon Type?) Patent
A Canon Foveon Type Sensor?

3 Layer Image Sensor
A Canon patent was recently released showing a 3 layer sensor. Sigma has been the leader (I use the term lightly) in this type of sensor design when they purchased Foveon.

Patent Publication No. 2011-129785

  • 2011.6.30 Release Date
  • 2009.12.18 filing date

Canon patent

  • Back-illuminated imaging device
  • Plurality of light receiving portion is provided in the order BGR
  • In one pixel, the charge collection in the center section, provided the charge read to the end
  • Focusing capabilities of the microlenses, light in the center of the charge collection has increased, the charge read out at the end of the light is reduced
  • Therefore, in reading the charge of B, it becomes difficult to receive light G, to prevent mixing
  • Widest area of ​​B. By mixing pixels with narrow spacing of the pixels (light receiving portion for receiving the G colored in B) to prevent
  • Read the charge and B matches the central microlens. And easy to read the charges received by B, to prevent mixing
  • Improve performance by preventing the mixing color separation

Canon is a sensor manufacturer, this sort of research and development was almost a given. There's lots of advancements to be made in sensor technology.

If anyone has better knowledge of this type of technology, please join the discussion on the forum thread.

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