Thomson Reuters has completed their list of the Top 100 Global Tech Leaders and Canon is part of the very select group of companies to make the list.

From Thomson Reuters:

It's not easy to become a Top 100 Global Technology Leader. We analyze 28 factors across eight performance pillars to find out who truly sits at the top.

Our proprietary methodology goes beyond financials to capture a holistic view of what it takes to thrive.

This objective approach uses probabilistic programming techniques, drawing on both proven valuation strategy and unique data assets in a way that only Thomson Reuters can deliver.

The methodology behind the list:

Management & investor confidence
How well run is the company? How much confidence do investors have in it?

  • Combined alpha model sector rank
  • Credit combined sector rank
  • Management score
  • Shareholders score

Legal compliance
How litigious is the organization? Does the company live up to its contracts and regulatory obligations?

  • Average litigation per year in areas of employment/labor, intellectual property, commercial law and contracts, civil rights, and unfair competition
  • Product responsibility score

Financial performance
How is the company performing financially? How profitable is it?

  • Asset worth
  • Free cash flow per employee
  • Leverage
  • Operating income margin
  • Revenue growth (3 year)
  • Return on invested capital

How innovative is the company?

  • Average patent grants per year
  • Patent grants per application ratio
  • Research & development spend
  • Innovation score

Risk & resilience
How prepared is the company to withstand shocks and disruptions?

  • Geopolitical risk
  • Number of suppliers
  • Number of customers
  • Supply chain risk

People & social responsibility
How well does the company treat its employees and community?

  • Community score
  • Corporate social responsibility strategy score
  • Human rights score
  • Workforce score

How well is the company perceived by the public and other stakeholders?

  • Overall news sentiment
  • Controversies score

Environmental impact
What is the company’s ability to reduce environmental impact?

  • Emissions score
  • Resource use score

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