Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II
I finally got my hands on the Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II. I'll be using the lens for the weekend and then it'll be thrown into the rental fleet.

My first impression of the lens is very positive. I love the feel, weight and size of the lens. I actually have an event this weekend that I'll be shooting, so I can put the lens through the paces in a real world situation. I'll have it paired with the EOS-1D X, apparently they were born to be together.

1C1A1409 - Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II Arrived
Born to be together | Canon EOS-1D X & EF 24-70 f/2.8L II

I still get a lot of people asking why the lens has no IS. I'm of the belief a medium range lens such as this doesn't require it. This lens is going to be most used in event photography, or portrait and that kind of thing. If you're looking for a walkaround tourist lens, then the EF 24-105 f/4L IS exists for that purpose. When you see the ISO performance of the EOS-1D X, that's another reason not to care much about IS. That's just my opinion!

Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II at: B&H Photo | Adorama | Amazon


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