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Canon EOS 7D Mark II Not Coming? [CR1]

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No EOS 7D Mark II?
We received an odd bit of information in regards to the future of the EOS 7D.

We were plainly told “No 7D II – a friend”.

This goes against what Canon itself has said and what we’ve heard for a long while. It is possible that plans have changed, as lots of products get started and never actually reach market.

Does Canon feel there’s no future in the APS-C segment?  Has the production costs of full frame sensors come down enough to do away with APS-C at the $1500 price point? Is the EOS 70D all you need as an APS-C shooter?

What is apparent is that both Nikon and Canon appear to have abandoned the “prosumer” DSLR segment. The D7100 and the 70D are both very capable cameras. However, they don’t scream “pro” in feature sets or build quality.

I’m sure we’ll hear more soon….


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