We were alerted to the fact that Canon USA has removed the EOS M camera from their web site. They still list two of the 3 EOS M lenses, but there doesn't appear to be any reference at all to the EOS M camera.

Are we going to see a mirrorless from Canon back in North America? At this point, I wouldn't think so. Unless they completely revamp the product concept, it seems to be a lame duck system for Canon shooters.

There's the possibility we see an EF based mirrorless system, maybe an even smaller SL1 style DSLR. I love the SL1 and I think removing the prism and introducing a few more pancake style lenses with an EF mount would be welcomed.  I'm speculating, as I haven't heard anything to actually support such a concept.

Or maybe Canon is going to concentrate on the prosumer level of cameras and lenses, as that appears to be where the money is for companies in this industry at this time.

thanks Tom


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