The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 may be the forgotten Rebel, except for those people that own one. It's small size and good feature set has made it a sales success for Canon. When it was launched, it was the smallest DSLR on the market.

We're told that an SL2 is definitely on the way and may be shrunk even further. While the thickness of the camera can't change all that much because of the EF mount, the length, height and weight could be further reduced. One of the ways to reduce the size is implementing an EVF instead of an optical viewfinder. Sony has done this with the A77 DSLR, and Canon has said when the technology is good enough, they may also introduce it into the EOS lineup.

We'd expect an SL2 to share the same 24mp sensor as the recently released EOS Rebel T6i and EOS Rebel T6s.

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