Canon Japan is starting flat rate repair program for consumer DSLRs and EOS M cameras and lenses on September 20, 2017.

This isn't new for Canon, as various other regions around the globe offer flat rate repairs on products such as PowerShot. However, this is the first time we've heard of flat rate repairs for EOS M products and hopefully this comes to other areas of the planet in the coming months.

From Canon Japan (Google Translated):

From September 20, 2017 (Wednesday), we will introduce a uniform repair fee for some products of single lens reflex camera, mirrorless camera and interchangeable lens.

The uniform repair fee includes technical fees for repair and parts costs (excluding expendables and accessories) necessary for repairing the defective part, and repair is carried out at a fixed fee provided for each model regardless of the content of the failure I will.


  • Digital single lens reflex camera entry model EOS Kiss series / EOS xxxxD series
  • Mirror-less camera EOS M series
  • Interchangeable lens for single lens reflex camera EF-S series
  • Interchangeable lens for mirrorless camera EF-M series

Application start date

  • From Wednesday 20th September 2017 (Wed)

Only when we apply for repair directly to our company.

* Foruniform repair fee, please refer to ” Repair service agreement on aircraft subject to carry-in repair “.

※ Incase of breakdown due to severe drop · shock · flood · sand entering, the uniform repair fee will not be applied and will be received separately at the estimated price.

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