Canon USA has launched its Black Friday savings on a small number of EOS R cameras and RF lenses. We don't expect any deals on the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, which shouldn't come as any sort of surprise.

Canon EOS R cameras with an instant rebate

Canon RF lenses with an instant rebate

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  1. EOS R and A7 III keep leapfrogging each other in lowering the price.
    Even though they do not seem to compete directly the cheaper camera between the two sells better.
    Surprisingly A7 III is even outselling EOS RP.
  2. Any discount is nice, but I wouldn't be doing back flips over any of the deals listed. If there was a thick stock of refurbs and those had killer prices, that would be handy. I have most of my lenses assembled already, so little matters until 2021 and I start selling one of 2 EOS R bodies to compile with cash for an R5
  3. New here. $100 off seems lukewarm for a BF sale. Agreed these are newer lenses, but would it be worth to wait it out until couple months more?
    Indeed, not spectacular bargains. Canon could have done better.
  4. Any love for Canadians?
    I wouldn't be surprised to see some minor discounts for Canadians coming as a result of currency fluctuations. Right now it's cheaper to buy an R5 from the US and import than it is to buy here in Canada, and that's not good for Canadian retailers. Sometimes we seem to see some discounts to address significant changes between USD and CAD, and I wouldn't be shocked if we saw that again (if the CAD keeps narrowing the gap to USD anyway, and that's a big if). I'm betting that's why Canon Australia has some instant rebates across the board.
  5. I saw the deals refreshed on the 22nd... but was hoping for better than this turned out (been holding out on a few RF lenses). Current sale seems to be going till the 30th... so here's hoping the 1st bring something better.

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