20110714 01 - Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?
Past: Diffused light is not needed.
20110714 02 cec95 - Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?
Patent: Aperture flare cutter used.


  • Patent Publication No. 2011-107255
  • 2011.6.2 Published
  • 2009.11.13 filing date
  • Conventional mount converter
  • Adjust the flange back only
  • Not consider the difference of the image circle, causing unwanted ghost light
  • Canon patent
  • Aperture converter having an adjusting means
  • Aperture and manual operation of locks available
  • And electric drive aperture, the lens can be controlled by information
  • With a means of communication

This looks to be a patent related to some kind of mirrorless camera system based on the interpretation from [EG] . We've seen the mount adaptor before, this seems to be related to it.

thanks Evgenii


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