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The folks at DXO have completed their review of the Canon PowerShot G1 X, and have come away impressed, but with some disappointment. They seem to have been pretty fair in the conclusions.

From DXO

Overall the G1X is definitely an excellent point and shoot cameras. But, now for the bad news in this review: The G1X’s sensor itself shows no measurable improvement. As proof, we need to take a look at the results of the Canon EOS 7D vs Canon PowerShot G1X. Why this comparison?

  • The G1X and the 7D sensors make use of the same size pixel (4.2 µm).
  • The Canon EOS 7D is a bit dated, but the Canon APS-C cameras that came after it didn’t have any new sensor features (see the results for the Canon EOS 600D and 60D).

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