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Canon Shows off 360 Degree Intelligent Camera and a 100-400mm Smartphone Camera

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Canon is showing off two new concept cameras at the Photography Show 2018 in the UK. One is a 360 degree intelligent camera and the other is a 100-400mm smartphone camera.

The Canon Smartphone camera attaches to your phone via a flip out lightning port and is lightweight at only 100g. The concept also shows a clip-on viewfinder that can be attached to the lens.

The 360 degree intelligent camera can automatically shoot both stills and video and uses AI to decide whether to shoot video or stills. The camera has 3x zoom and can pan and tilt a full 380 degrees. It can also be attached to the hot shoe on an EOS DSLR.

The folks manning the Canon booth were allowing visitors to try out each concept and asked to fill out a short survey about the products.

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Image Credits // Photography Blog

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