What's coming this year
A very reliable source has told us what Canon has planned in 2013 as far as product launches go. This is looking to be a slower year for new Canon products, especially when compared to 2012.

None of this includes new Cinema EOS products.

There will be 3 DSLRs launched in 2013, two of them will be “entry level” and one will be “mid level”. The two entry level cameras will probably be a new Rebel and a 70D.

The midlevel camera is probably the EOS 7D Mark II. This camera will get its own launch festivities sometime in the second half of 2013 we're told.

There will also be one new EOS-M body, which is a pretty logical step forward for the platform.

4 new EF lenses will be launched in 2013, there was no mention of exactly which lenses it would be. We all know the usual suspects, and everything points to a new 100-400L and that would sit nicely next to a new 7D.

We're hoping to get a more detailed breakdown of the upcoming lenses soon.


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