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Cool Factor – Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder

I just think it’s cool
Epson has “upgraded” their hot selling Leica mount digital rangefinder.

It comes with an ancient 6mp APS-C CCD, they’ve added the handgrip and a 2.5″ LCD.

Epson R-D1x

Very cool and something I wish Canon or Nikon would make.

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15 responses to “Cool Factor – Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder”

  1. Yeah, you keep dreaming, maybe in 10 years…

    Now, if you say 5000 bucks, that one you might see in a couple years instead.

  2. explain why or reread my post.
    what did I ask for that would be 5000 dollars?
    ONLY Center point AF – not tracking, no multi points…
    NO shots per second – ONE shot at a time….
    A body similar to a vivitar 3800n or nikon FM10 – no frills
    no live view, no video, nothing…
    just a very simple camera aimed at “retro” folks that want a serious return to basics and students that are now forced to buy a film camera for a six month class that they will mostly never use again…

    you could use old 5D chips (no R/A costs to recover – just profit)

    No reason this would have to be so expensive at all…


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