Patent literature, self-interpretation and summary
A lot of diffractive optics patents have come about over the years, and we have yet to see a new product to join the 400 f/4 DO or 70-300 DO. Canon obviously sees value in the technology as they continue to research it.

Patent Publication No. 2012-2999

  • 2012.1.5 Release Date
  • Filing date 2010.6.16

Benefits of diffractive optical elements

  • Can simultaneously reduce the chromatic aberration correction and lens length
  • Perform light lens design
  • Canon's patented
  • Type Tele Photo
  • The first lens group
  • Aspherical surface having a diffraction
  • Reduce the number of lighter
  • Spherical aberration is corrected by using a non-
  • The second lens group
  • Inner Focus

Source: [EG]


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