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Discontinuing Cameras & Lenses[CR1]

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Rebel XSi & 50D Done
Received information today that said both the XSi and 50D are on final sell offs and no longer available from Canon.

100 f/2.8 Macro
Currently the 100 f/2.8 non-L macro is still available from Canon. It’s on the latest Canon price sheets.


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  1. Nice one afrank99

    Charge the battery, turn on the camera, turn the dial to the green box, point it at something and hit the big button on the right

  2. In that case:

    550D > D5000
    D90 > 50D
    7D > D300s
    D700 probably > 5DmII, or?

  3. – Nikon D90 replacement will probably be called D90s (they don’t use Mk I, II, III etc like Canon)

    – The only way for Canon to trump the Nikon D90 and its successor is to release a camera that combines the best photo/video features of both the 7D and 550D/T2i into a X0D-type (alloy) body at a competive price range ($1000-$1500) to the D90/D90s, which will most likely still be a plastic body Nikon.

    – I anticipate that maybe due to the new naming scheme established with the 7D last year that perhaps the 60D will instead be called “9D”

    So the lineup for early 2011 should be :

    Consumer (Rebels) :
    2000D (T1?)
    500D (T1i)
    550D (T2i)

    Prosumer :
    60D (9D?)
    5D Mk II

    Professional :
    1Ds Mk IV
    1D Mk IV

  4. Unfortunately that makes sense, and the trend is likely to continue. I am a big fan of the non-L FF primes. The L-series is a bit over my budget and more often than not too big and heavy for my purposes.

  5. I don’t think there’s 60D.
    T2i have 18mp, so do 7d, if there’s 60d what mp it will be?
    It should not below 550 or more than 7d.

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