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5D Mark III ? [CR1]

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I have been receiving email after email about a 5D Mark III being announced this summer.

Only a couple of people have cited the big rebates on the camera body.

Could Canon move to  a 2 year product cycle this time?

I say no, until I see something more concrete.


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  1. Maybe, or maybe not.

    It’s not that simple…

    It’s not only technology what is being handled (or held) here…

    We agree that Nikon is going to release a very good camera soon, but not so sure if they will give much more than current Canon HDSLRs regarding movie/video features.

    Of course Canon is behind Nikon regarding stills (basically due AF system), and we already mentioned that.

    Nikon has been extremely quiet, much more than usual, so we strongly think they are working hard to come with something really good.

    Canon is probably holding the 1Ds Mark IV until Nikon starts showing, or at least the most they (Canon) can.

    Business, Marketing and Developing is not as simple as we think, sometimes there’s a “fight” inside the own company. Canon got a very good profit from their unexpected success, hopefully they will not sleep upon it.

    Canon and Nikon, both have their strong & weak points.
    Both are japanese, both are quiet.

    At least Canon (sometimes) listen to customers (not easy to make them hear indeed, but they do.

    If any doubt just check the full history of the 5D Mark II process on our blog: and you will see some of the “public” actions…

  2. Hi Geek-Trend. If thats so just give ud the Nikon D800. I will piuck up the next full frame from Canon or Nikon. I don´t need big update. 50fps video of 7D´ focus system and I am in.

  3. What chance of a Canon full frame with built in flash? Is it sacrilegous to hope for this? Am I the only person who can find big body/lens/flash rigs OTT or intrusive at times?

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