I have always loved the Nik Collection, from it's early days, through the dark Google years and now under the umbrella of DXO. Nik Collection 5 is really a big step forward for the suite and it's available now.

If you don't believe us, Nik Collection 5 is available to try out for 30 days.

Press Release

The latest version of the renowned suite of eight plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom Classic® also features a brand new tool to reduce haze and 29 faithfully reproduced color film grains.

Powerful and diverse, the eight plug-ins of Nik Collection 5 also function as standalone apps and offer unlimited creative potential. More than 300 presets give instant results, while intuitive sliders and DxO’s exclusive U-Point technology for local adjustments bring endless creative opportunities and the ability to refine every detail.

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Revamped user interface for a more refined editing experience

The user interfaces of Nik Color Efex and Nik Analog Efex have been rebuilt from the ground up, bringing them into line with the recently updated Nik Silver Efex and Nik Viveza. Nik Color Efex is a powerful means of enhancing and manipulating color and continues to be Nik Collection users’ most popular plug-in, while Nik Analog Efex is unique in its potential to recreate vintage photographic effects. Thanks to the newly refined and functional user experience in both of these plug-ins, presets are now more accessible with improved options for saving and editing favorite settings.

Local adjustments just got even smarter thanks to U Point™ technology

U Point™ technology, the pioneering local adjustment tools that make targeted changes feel intuitive and efficient without using masks, continues to evolve in Nik Color Efex and Nik Analog Efex. Control Points can now be renamed, making them easier to manage, and users can also save them as part of a preset, speeding up workflows. The addition of two Color Selectivity sliders — Luminance and Chrominance — gives users greater control over the impact of local adjustments, and the interface has been updated so that creating and editing a Control Point is a clean and distraction-free experience.

Two more major boosts to Color Efex: ClearView technology to remove haze and 29 authentic color film grains

Haze in photographs is simple to remove when using Nik Color Efex thanks to the addition of ClearView, technology borrowed from DxO PhotoLab 5. Fog, mist, smoke, and pollution are intelligently reduced using a simple slider, returning contrast and color to photographs. Color Efex also benefits from 29 new, authentic color film grains created in DxO’s purpose-built laboratories, giving analog era enthusiasts a host of new creative options.

Nik Perspective Efex adds more than 4,300 new camera and lens combinations

Nik Perspective Efex benefits from the ongoing research conducted in DxO’s exclusive labs with more than 20 new cameras and 60 lenses added to its database of supported equipment. The plug-in can now automatically correct the geometric distortions of more than 70,000 camera and lens combinations.

DxO PhotoLab 5 ESSENTIAL joins the party

Those shooting RAW get to experience the power of DxO PhotoLab 5 ESSENTIAL, the feature-rich photo-editing software that contains DxO’s renowned Optics Modules and U Point™ technology for precise local adjustments.

Price and availability

Nik Collection 5 (Windows and macOS) is now available for download on the DxO website (https://shop.dxo.com/) for $ 149.

Photographers who already own Nik Collection 4 can upgrade their software by signing into their customer accounts for $ 79.

A fully functional, one-month trial version of Nik Collection 5 is available on the DxO website: https://nikcollection.dxo.com/download/.

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  1. wow seems lame
    They aren't for everyone, but Silver EFX is worth the price of admission for folks like me. I like to be able to press a button and get 90% there. I have found that Lightroom and Photoshop have become so bloated with their available tools, and while I like PhotoLAB and Capture One, they also suffer from the same thing. Nik Collection has always been a massive time saver for people that really don't enjoy the editing process.
  2. I've been using these from the start. I think the original is still available for free.
    It really hasn't improved since - the original was ahead of its time.
    I supported version 2/3 to keep the software alive.
    Version 4 I also upgraded to but it really irritated me.
    It was not worth it at all. They only upgraded two of the applications. I didn't even find those changes much of a benefit.
    Version 5 now seems to be doing the same update to the remaining applications.
    I'm out I'm getting tired of these purchased applications with the yearly new versions that are not really improving the product.
    It ends up being as expensive as photoshop.
    Luminar and Topaz spring to mind here.
    I do recommend Nik - just wish they would actually improve it or bring out something that's actually new.
  3. Am I understanding this correctly as the new version of Nik has PhotoLab? I have PL5 that I use as a plug in as I like the PURERAW application for noise reduction.
  4. Am I understanding this correctly as the new version of Nik has PhotoLab?
    Sorry, no. Actually, yes! But unfortunately, the Essential version that comes with Nik lacks the advanced noise reduction. For me, that’s one of the main reasons I use DxO.
  5. I have got Nik version 3 but did not upgrade to 4 last year as the changes to allow chroma & Luminance adjustment in the U-point tech, while good, was incomplete. Now that they have added the earlier changes to the rest of key plug-ins, I might be tempted to go for version 5. PhotoLab 5 has also incorporated the same tech and it has been much better than the previous versions for my use case, so I was, and still am, pretty happy with it. By upgrading Nik to 5, the two can work more comparably together. WIll probably wait for a sale first though as I too get annoyed with incremental changes posing as upgrades. However, the U-point tech in this case, which offers a much more refined control, is just about worth the 'upgrade' (especially when the software is on the Black Friday sale).
  6. I got the Nik Version 3 (after having the original version for many years), and was underwhelmed to say the least. I've used Silver EFX for a long time, and still think it's good, but I'd have to beconvinced to make a paid upgrade.
  7. Sorry, no. Actually, yes! But unfortunately, the Essential version that comes with Nik lacks the advanced noise reduction. For me, that’s one of the main reasons I use DxO.
    Me too.

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