A non macro EF-S prime?
Two emails have come in recently in regards to such a lens being developed.

A new EF-S 30 f/1.8 would make sense. That's about 50mm on a 1.6x. But why EF-S? Wouldn't an EF 30 1.8 sell well to a lot of people? I think so.

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  1. i’ve been DREAMING of this lens for my APS-C body. hopefully it’s significantly smaller, lighter and cheaper than the sigma 30mm 1.4.

    and EF-S should be cheaper to make than an EF because you’re not paying for quality glass beyond the cropped area and there’s already a 28mm 1.8 in the EF range, albeit a little too pricey considering the 50mm 1.8 street price is around $100.

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