I'm a bit of a binocular nut, and love Canon's IS binoculars for when you want more magnification. It's very hard for most people to hand hold binoculars over 8x without getting eye fatigue from the shaking of hour hands and body. A few people can get away with 10x, but 12x and 14x are a no go. For travel I use Leica Ultravid 8×42, they're brilliant travel binoculars, but for around the yard usage, I love having more power.

Canon announced 3 new binoculars this week with updated image stabilization technology. In the above video, you can see the amazing effect IS can have when using higher powered binoculars.

Video Description:

See how Canon’s new Powered IS technology provides for steady, shake-free viewing for travel, birdwatching and nature, sports and even star gazing. These binoculars are perfect to bring along everywhere you want to bring the action closer.

Learn more about Canon Binoculars: http://Canon.us/29t8

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